Hope Lives Ambassadors

Hope Lives invites people who are dealing with breast cancer and either are or have been in active treatment to become ambassadors. As an ambassador, they speak to the community about Hope Lives, share their personal story, and share how Hope Lives services and care have enhanced their lives while going through treatment.

Holly Sowitch & Angela Lovell

Holly's Age of Diagnosis: 70        Stage: 2A

Angela's Age of Diagnosis: 46     Stage: 1A

Holly Sowitch - August 9, 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer in my left breast. I felt stunned, surprised and scared at they explained my cancer. As the weeks went by, I had biopsies, a Lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation with hormone blocking agents to follow.  Shortly after I was diagnosed, my daughter Angela was also diagnosed with breast cancer who had a mastectomy and radiation. 


We began our journey, supporting one another.  It was a blessing.


Angela also introduced me to Hope Lives. My husband and I met with Care Navigator, Leah Barrett. She made me feel at ease to share my thoughts, concerns, and emotions. I appreciated all the information about each service category available to me. I also made good use of the client voucher certificates.  


Jennifer Schmeeckle is also involved with Hope Lies as an Ambassador. Jennifer, a survivor, has a sweet way of pampering, caring, and offering guidance and sharing her knowledge and wealth of information about breast cancer. 


Hope Lives is truly a “Breast Cancer Support Center” for those of us on this journey. I carry one of the Hope Lives brochures with me just in case I meet someone who is in need of their services and support.

Julie Ulstrup Photography HL Holly Angie

Angela Lovell - At age 46, I was diagnosed with stage 1A, ER+, PR+, HER2 negative breast cancer on October 24, 2018….

…. the same day my mom and fellow Hope Lives Survivor Ambassador, Holly Sowitch, was stating her first chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Mom encouraged my sister and I to schedule mammograms due to her diagnosis which in turn allowed me to find my cancer early. I had a single mastectomy followed by radiation and will begin reconstruction this Fall. 


I feel honored to have walked this journey beside my mom, and not alone. By watching mom navigate through her cancer journey she has shown me how to gracefully handle life’s challenges with unwavering faith.


Through the abundant love and support from family and friends, I have learned how blessed my life truly is. Hope Lives is another gift mom has blessed me with. Her encouragement to connect with their team has been a godsend. I have found comfort through chiropractic and acupuncture care using my vouchers along with support and compassion from Hope Lives Ambassador Relations Coordinator, Jennifer Schmeeckle. For this I will be forever grateful. 

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