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We are happy to discuss creative ways you can fundraise for Hope Lives!

Throughout the year community members are often interested in hosting an event or organizing an activity with the specific intent to raise financial donations for our program. 


These events provide opportunities for all ages to participate and offer everyone to get-involved and enjoy the rewards of making a difference for family members, co-workers, and neighbors.  

If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event to benefit Hope Lives please read the our guidelines for third-party fundraisers below:

Guidelines for Third-Party Fundraising Events

1.Please submit your proposed fundraiser in writing to Elise at before you finalize your plans. 

2. You must receive written permission prior to using our name and logo in any promotional materials. 

3.Specific to business owners: you must be operating your business for a minimum of one-year.


Hope Lives is unable to provide administrative or logistical assistance for your event. Please be prepared to promote ticket sales or any financial needs in order to host the event.  Hope Lives is unable to loan or distribute mailing lists. 


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