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Knitted Knockers | 970.481.8066

Special handmade breast prothesis for women, free of charge, who have undergone mastectomies or other procedures to the breast. Traditional breast prosthetics are usually expensive, sweaty and uncomfortable. Knitted Knockers, on the other hand, are soft, comfortable and beautiful.

Contact Deanna Krausse, Colorado Knitted Knocker Coordinator, or to place an order, visit the website:


Breast Care Center at Good Day Pharmacy | 970.224.1212


Pre-Surgery Consultation: Good Day Breast Care Center staff are available for private consultation prior to surgery. We help you prepare by offering product options and information to aid in healing, including post-surgery bras, camisoles, compression tops, and foam forms. At this time, we can complete the necessary paperwork for insurance claim filing and schedule a follow-up appointment.


Post-Surgery Consultation: Our staff are committed to providing continued support after surgery. We’ll help you direct you to the resources and information you may need while offering compassion. Throughout the surgical process, and afterwards, we’re right here to assist by fitting you with forms and post-surgery bras that are right for you.

Location: Fort Collins: Spring Creek Medical Park 2001 S. Shields


Arbonne Cosmetics | 970.481.8066

Skin care, body care, make-up, hair care and nutritional products.  

Visit to view the catalog.

Columbine Medical Equipment, Inc 970.221.1453

Services: Your source for personalized compression and lymphedema education, consultation and management for individuals experiencing the need for mastectomy and lymphedema products- voucher cost is determined per item.


Consultation & Confidential Assessment

Product Selection & fittings based on need

Measuring and fitting for lymphedema garments, compression stockings, compression garments


RCC Medical (Greeley) | 970.356.9078

Products: Mastectomy Supplies | Up to 4 Vouchers | Speak with the provider to discuss the list of products available.

SomeBunny*email contact preferred:

Products: Provides shirts and pillows for post-surgery recovery. Somebunny post op shirts are soft, open in the front for easy wear and have pockets on the inside to hold your drains, helping you feel comfortable and confident. Our Somebunny hug pillow is crucial after lumpectomy, mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. The hug pillow is long and rectangular shaped. While the front safeguards your chest, the sides hold your arms out comfortably so they don’t rest too closely to your tender skin or any area of your arm where lymph nodes were removed. 1-2 vouchers.

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