What We Do
Every woman diagnosed with breast cancer deserves the most thorough care she can get, no matter her age, status, or severity of her diagnosis. Therefore, our mission is to provide those touched by breast cancer the support, knowledge, and care needed to complement their medical treatment. We fulfill this mission by paying for complementary care services and by educating all residents of our community about the many available avenues of cancer support. Through our Complementary Care Program, we bring the resources of over 30 cancer-related service and support providers straight to women with breast cancer. We ensure that these women can receive post-diagnosis support and care such as much-needed complementary care, lifestyle support such as housecleaning, and emotional support such as family and couples counseling.

We are unique in that we focus on the post-diagnosis stage of a woman's journey through breast cancer. There are many well-established organizations in the Fort Collins and Loveland communities that provide ongoing breast health and breast cancer diagnosis information and services. However, we are the only charitable organization in Larimer County focused on providing breast cancer patients complementary care and lifestyle support for the duration of their treatment.

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